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dineLA Restaurant week is back.

Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 03:34 am | Los Angeles Events, Luxury Restaurants


dineLA Restaurant week is baaaaaaack! Now in it's 5th year, dineLA is offering 2 full weeks of fine fare at reasonable prices.

So if you have a favorite restaurant, you can go there and leave with a significantly reduced bill. Or if you've always wanted to try something else, but just didn't know what the atmosphere or the food was like. Well, here is you chance to try it out without that huge dent in your wallet.

Where:  Restaurants all across Los Angeles

When:  January 22nd – 27th, and continues January 29th – February 3rd

Tickets:  $16, $22 or $28 for lunch; $26, $34 or $44 for dinner

Contact:  For more information and participating restaurants visit http://discoverlosangeles.com/restaurantweekv2/index.html

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